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Sylvia Baldock

Founder and Director
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WHAT DO I DO? I work with people who want to become more VISIBLE, CREDIBLE and PROFITABLE by becoming more SIGNIFICANT.

WHY I DO IT – Being suppressed into virtual insignificance in my 20s ignited my mission to empower others to connect with their true brilliance and to live a life of purpose and impact.

HOW I DO IT – I start with a powerful Psychometric platform to uncover innate strengths, challenges, communication style and ideal roles. This is the first step of a transformational 6week programme for individuals and teams. It takes you to a place of deep connection to your unique value and provides the tools and skills to create a ripple effect of impact throughout your circle of influence and beyond.

WHY IT WORKS – I have personally been through this process, so I deliver it from the 'inside' out. Carefully crafted Masterclasses build deep insights and self-awareness week by week to reach a whole new level of confidence and significance.

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