Neil Bradbrook

Neil Bradbrook

Managing Director
Ahead Business Consulting

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I founded Ahead Business Consulting as I wanted to make a difference.

Imagine all the businesses and organisations in Scotland grew by 10% and what that would do for the economy.

And what about your business? Do you want to grow by 10% or would you prefer to double it?

I took my previous business from £11m to £23m, so we know what we are doing - and we regularly help our clients to double, triple or even quadruple their profits.

SMEs are the lifeblood of the economy and often have huge potential just waiting to be unlocked – all they need is a little guidance and support from the right expert advice. The problem is where do you get that advice?

Lots of people say they can help – but do they have the right experience and credentials themselves? The big consultancies obviously have the skills, but they aren’t interested in smaller organisations as there is nothing in it for them. So where do you turn?

That is why we set up Ahead Businesses Consulting.

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