Fraser Morrison

Fraser Morrison

"Selling is easy if you have an ethical structure, clear processes and metrics that sit around your model"

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Building sales models aren’t easy. Most companies we come across have a broken process at some level. I believe this comes from a few areas, fundamentally though, there is a lack of quality education on how sales work in the 21st century. There is no degree in sales. Yet in a successful business, you need Product, Operations, and Sales to all be equally effective. Clients do not want closers, they do not want sweet talkers, they do not want sub-standard products, so then by default, the traditional model of sales will not work anymore. My philosophy centers around the belief that great sales models come from people that love their products, are technically knowledgeable, care about their clients and are being developed the same way you would develop an athlete. With a mixture of skills, excellent training, discipline and a high culture environment of success. I have over 31 years of experience as a Sales Manager, Senior sales management and as a Salesperson. This has been developed in multiple continents, products and environments. I have also studied under one of the top sales coaches, Stephen Schiffman for over four years, where he coached and worked with me daily. Ultimately, selling comes back to being client-centric. Having a solid nurture model to manage prospects, partners and clients. Having a process for meetings, deep questioning and listening skills, great lead generation, appointment booking, a solid set of metrics and CRM that sit around this. With these all working efficiently, the rest will take care of itself.

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