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Charlie Stuart Gay

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Co Founder , Sanara Hotels, Real Coconut Kitchens & Restaurants, SANA Foods, Influence (IF) Foundation and Belize Sustainable Development Corp. Formerly a Concert Promoter in London and Australia and then Artist Manager with CHER ,, Media and film financing/ distribution . Also executive director of land mine removal agency with Nelson Mandela and his wife Grace Machel as patrons, and then worked in post war Liberia with first female President in Africa. 

“At a time of urgency for our planet, my wife, Daniella Hunter and I seek to activate global, social and personal sustainability. We sense that everything will come down to food and water!


We currently operate through a series of companies and teams, plant focused global food cropping, product production and distribution and through consciously curated hotel, restaurant and retail spaces. The choice, connection, cooperation, circulation and compassionately recreating (when we slip as we stretch outside of our comfort!)

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